90210 Cowboy Justin Deeley Is Now a Series Regular on Drop Dead Diva !

Justin Deeley is best known for his role as Austin Tallridge, the charismatic cowboy who wins the heart of AnnaLynne McCord's character Naomi on the CW series "90210." Follow Justin on Twitter: @JustinDeeley7

We all knew that underwear model / actor Justin Deeley would be back on our screens in no time. Now, Justin plays a hunky guardian angel on the recently revived fifth season of Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva.

Justin is so smooth and easy to talk to -- as if you've known him for a million years. Just give him a guitar, sit back and let the good times roll!

What was your initial reaction when you found out you'd be auditioning for and then playing a Guardian Angel on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva?

Well, I never judge a role, so once I read the scenes I just thought how much fun a character like this could be. I had heard of the show, but hadn't seen it. After I was cast I watched the first season in order to familiarize myself with the world of the show, because obviously playing an angel is a little different than a regular human, haha. I found out about it being brought back to life when I initially received the audition.

What's it like coming into a show in the fifth season when everyone else already has established relationships?

It's like starting a new school. That's the best way to describe it. You feel nervous about being accepted into the family, and of course fitting in with the cast. But everyone here is SO wonderful to me, and I have felt at home since day one. I'd say I'm a friendly person. I hope I am!! Haha!

At what age / point in your life did you decide to work on your body?

Hahaha, this is a fun question. I grew up playing every sort of sport a child can play, and when you grow up playing sports you really start training when you are like six years old without even thinking about it. But I began to learn how to train and condition myself through high school and college football. So I was very fortunate that I was already in shape my entire life because of all the sports I played.

My philosophy on exercise is do what you enjoy. And most people think I am crazy, but running is something very meditative for me so I do a lot of that. I also love yoga, which I never thought I'd say. But I just take what I know and make the rest up.

The most important thing in taking care of your body is your diet. It's just the way it is. So I eat a lot of chicken, eggs, seafood, veggies, you know, healthy stuff.

You previously played a stripper on one episode of 90210 before you booked the role of Austin. Did you audition for the stripper role?

Hahahaha. Yes the stripper role!!! Good times, and the most horrifying audition experience of my life. I went into a room and had to dance for 30 seconds in front of six people. It was awful, but it's a great story now.

For the character of Austin, I booked off of a tape. I was in Michigan filming a movie so I just sent in a few tapes, and it just kind of happened. My agent called me on my way to set and boom, the rest is history.

Did you ever feel an instant connection to someone, as if you've known them your entire life?

Yeah, once. A girl. In Nashville. That's all I'm gonna say. Haha!

On Drop Dead Diva, do you have your own dressing room or trailer?

I have a trailer, with a TV that I don't think works, a couch and desk. No weight sets. And I bring stuff to read, my guitar and stuff to keep me occupied when I have down time.

What's the most irritating thing that's ever happened to you?

My car got towed in Atlanta at one o'clock in the morning. It was a nightmare.

Have you ever taken acting lessons?

Absolutely! I have been studying with Michael Woolson for nearly five years and feel incredibly lucky that I found him. He has taught me just about everything I know about what it means and how hard an actor must work at his craft.

What did you do before you went into modeling and acting?

I served hamburgers and fries at a restaurant in Los Angeles called The Counter.

Why are the Miami Dolphins your favorite football team?

I grew up loving what dad loved and he loved the Miami Dolphins and so I have been a fan ever since. I still love the game dearly, but my passion to play burned out in college, and when your passion burns out, its time to move on.

Do you think you're boring?

I sure hope not!! I would describe myself as quite simple. I'm not in to clubs, or crazy Vegas weekends or huge parties. I just need a quiet bar, good food, good conversation, comfortable clothes and I am a riot!

Please explain wardrobe on Drop Dead Diva.

I am either naked, in underwear, jeans and/or t-shirts. It's a pretty sweet deal!

Anything else you'd like to say?

Yes! I was a part of the wonderful film "Geography Club" that I am very excited about. It is currently in the festival circuit, but keep an eye out for it please and thank you. And fans, you really are quite special!