The '90s Are Back -- And We Have Your Google Searches To Prove It

First, you thought it was just that obnoxious chick at Coachella wearing a crop top. Then, you assumed that it was just a fluke that all of those guys were wearing flannel in the park. But when you saw a grown woman in shortalls at your local coffee shop, you just knew something was happening.

And it was.

'90s fashion is back, Google tells us. In a post on Google's shopping blog, the search engine confirms that the latest trend sweeping the fashion world is also sweeping the world's search bars. Sure, we've had anecdotal evidence to support this (and plenty of celebrity endorsements), but until now, we've yet to get cold, hard numbers. Here's what Google found:

  • Searches for crop tops were more than 110% higher in July 2013 than in July 2012
  • Searches for high waisted jeans were more than 120% higher in July 2013 than in July 2012
  • Searches for acid wash shorts were more than 50% higher in July 2013 than they were in July 2012
  • Searches for grunge clothing were more 80% higher in July 2013 than in July 2012, and climbing rapidly so far in August
  • Searches for bucket hats were more than 120% higher in July 2013 than in July 2012

So whether you'd like to admit it or not, it looks like everyone's trying to get a little '90s flare in his or her look. Of course, much of this has trickled down from the runways themselves, with the likes of Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs sending models down the catwalk in grungy knits and streamlined leather. Not to mention, Hedi Slimane's buzzed-about collections for Saint Laurent have been decidedly referential to the decade in question -- seriously, the man used Courtney Love in his ad campaign.

For the record, we have no problem with a high-waisted jean or even an acid wash (tread verrrry carefully, though). But if this whole '90s thing is really happening, can we please put a moratorium on crimped hair?

Let's hope some of these looks don't make a comeback...

Um, This Is Awkward...

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