90s Fashion Trends That Made You Cool Back In The Day (PHOTOS)

12 Signs You Were Cool In The '90s

Ah, the Nineties. A decade where Tevas and feathered bangs ran supreme. Your biggest worry was feeding your Tamagotchi and rearranging your butterfly clips. But don't get us wrong, it was still a full-time job to stay in style. If your sneakers weren't Skechers it was the end of the world, and if your skirt wasn't actually a skort, you could forget about playing Pogs at recess.

In celebration of our most favorite decade, we've come up the 12 biggest trends of the '90s -- and if you partook in any these amazing fads, you were definitely one cool cat.

  1. JanSport backpacks. But they had to be JanSport. If you had any other brand, you may as well have just gone home. (Buy here!)

jansport backpack

  • Crimped hair. Not to be confused with "quick braiding."
  • Jelly shoes. (Buy here!)
  • jelly shoes

  • Bandanas. Extra points if you wore one as a top.
  • bandanas

  • Baby Gs. If you had a big watch, you were a big deal. (Buy here!)
  • baby g

  • Overalls. And all the cool kids always had one strap undone.
  • overalls

  • Slap bracelets. Are any bracelets even half as fun these days?
  • slap bracelets

  • Tattoo Chokers. The number of necklaces you had was directly proportional to how popular you were. (Buy here!)
  • choker

  • Shell necklaces. If you went anywhere with a beach, you were practically required to return with some puka shells around your neck.
  • puka shells

  • Butterfly clips. The more, the merrier. (Buy here!)
  • butterfly clips

  • Scrunchies. Okay, maybe these never looked good.
  • scrunchies

  • Bucket hats. Yes, this happened.
  • bucket hats

    For more '90s fashion, check out our slideshow below:

    Jennifer Aniston, 1990

    Awkward/Amazing '90s Style

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