How Many Of These '90s Fashion Trends Did You Own?

S'up JNCO?

If you grew up in the '90s, you grew up in the era of butterfly clips, slap bracelets and Baby Gs. You knew that puka shell necklaces were cool and tie-dye shirts were even cooler (bonus points if you made one yourself at camp.)

For all the '90s babies (and those who grew up in the decade), we've compiled a list of 16 clothing and beauty items that embody the era. We're willing to bet you owned at least one (if not multiple) things from our list below. So, how '90s were you?

1. These shrinking tops that saved you so much space when you were packing for a trip.

2. A Triple 5 Soul sweatshirt.

3. Tattoo chokers that strangled you a little.

4. A best friend necklace that inevitably started a fight between you and your multiple best friends.

5. Several scrunchies.

6. Hideous brown lipstick.

7. A Jansport backpack (to tote around all your unflattering lip colors).

8. Platform sneakers that you inappropriately wore to gym class.

9. Too many vests to count.

10. These Steve Madden sandals.

11. Plenty of Looney Tunes gear.

12. These beauties, in every color.

13. This painful device that never stayed on properly.

14. A plaid flannel shirt, which you most likely tied around your waist, Angela Chase style.

15. These monstrosities.

16. All the CK One.

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