'90s Hair Trends That Should Never Come Back

'90s Hair Trends That Should NEVER Come Back

Yes, we love the '90s. It is one of the most defining decades of our lives, with movies, TV shows and love ballads that are still near and dear to our hearts today. Remember Blossom’s signature flower floppy hat? What about grooving to Aaliyah's "Back & Forth?" And who didn't outline their frosty lipstick with dark lip liner?

But, while indulging in our nostalgic reverie, we encountered hairstyles that we never want to see again. Ever. The era of crimped hair, bandana headbands and butterfly clips needs to stay away from 2014 -- and just because Miley Cyrus rocked bantu knots doesn't mean they're okay, alright?

So we're calling for a ban against these '90s hair trends:

Chinese hair sticks

chinese hair sticks

Bandana headbands

bandana headbands

Bantu knots

bantu knots

Flat twists

flat twist

Crimped hair

crimped hair

Bowl cut with faded sides

Butterfly clips

butterfly clips

Rainbow-colored wigs

lil kim wigs

Curly pigtails

Baby twists... on boys

Stiff gel hairstyles

baps movie

Thick, stretchy headbands

stretch headband

The "Rachel"

jennifer aniston

'90s fashion we thought was absolutely cool:

Jennifer Aniston, 1990

Awkward/Amazing '90s Style

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