'90s Halloween Costumes: 9 Ideas For Last Minute Nostalgia (PHOTOS)

You know you want to go as Nickelodeon Gak this year.

Raise your hand if you still haven't figured out what to be for Halloween. As for us -- gee, it's hard to type with one hand -- we'd rather wear Uggs with sweatpants than be caught in public in lingerie and cat ears.

Unfortunately, for procrastinators like us, the costume stores can be a wasteland of remnants of sexy pirate costumes, and we can't exactly make like Heidi Klum and waltz into our bespoke costume fitting a week before Halloween.

Though '90s nostalgia is pretty much at a fever pitch, we think these costumes will be a creative way to have a retro Halloween. (Gah, yes, the '90s are already "retro.") So, back away from those "sexy cop" handcuffs and take a time machine back to the world of Nickelodeon, non-ironic pop music and lots of hairspray.

'90s Halloween Costume Ideas

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