Indulge In Your '90s Nostalgia With These Lipstick Looks

'90s Lipstick Trends You Can Definitely Wear Today

Everyone loves the '90s -- the music, pop culture and, of course, the makeup. But, it's hard to pull off a frosted lip nowadays, even though our lips happily tingle whenever we see a glittering gloss.

That's why we're here to give you some modern day examples of your favorite beauty fads, albeit in lip form. Whether we rocked that deep brown shade all of 1995 or looked a little too frosty in '99, we didn't let the '90s go by without wearing at least ONE of these looks.

See how you can update these (sadly) outdated lip trends and indulge in your nostalgic reverie below.

THEN: Kate Moss thought frosted lips were so cool in 1995, even before the boy band generation started using Lip Smackers.
NOW: Glossy lips look great and you can achieve the look without looking like you’ve just eaten a bucket of glitter. Add a swipe of clear or similarly-colored gloss over your favorite matte or satin finish lipstick for a fabulous shine -- or invest in a lipstick and gloss combo.

THEN: This is one of the only pared-down trends that really made an impact during the decade, which helped Claire Danes ride the alternative wave in 1994's "My So-Called Life."
NOW: We still love it today. Try a stain that will provide a little more coverage or go for a tinted balm so you can have slightly colored, moisturized lips all day, every day.

THEN: Heavy, dark liner was certainly one of the most memorable trends of the decade. Let's face it: it was basically people outlining their lips like a kindergartener would. Except Naomi Campbell DEFINITELY pulls it off circa 1994.
NOW: Just use liner all over. With a jumbo or matte pencil, fill in your lips with liner only. It’s a refreshing finish from lipstick, and you can mix and match shades.

THEN: Celebs and models practically passed around one shade of deep brown for the entire decade, just like Gwen Stefani's 1997 gem.
NOW: Cater browns to your liking and skin tone. If you want to go bold, try a brick red or chocolate-y plum that gives you a vampy vibe. Or if you want a softer look, apply a hue or two deeper than your go-to neutral lipstick/gloss.

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