The Exact Moment This '90s Singer Realized Her Friend Was Actually Her Soul Mate

All it took was for him to say one thing to her.

Shanice Wilson-Knox, the artist who sang the hit “I Love Your Smile,” knew about Flex Alexander long before they met, much less married.

It was the late ‘90s, and both Flex and Shanice had been making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry ― Shanice through her music and Flex through his acting. So when the young celebrities first crossed paths in Shanice’s apartment building, there was a faint hint of familiarity.

“We knew of each other, and we ran into each other by the elevator,” Shanice says. “I said, ‘Are you moving in here?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, I’m moving in today.’”

Flex and Shanice became fast friends... and nothing more.

“As we developed our friendship, I told him that I had been praying for my soul mate,” Shanice says. “One day, I was about to go on tour with *NSYNC ... [Flex] came to my rehearsal and said, ‘You know, you’ve been praying for your soul mate, but your soul mate could be staring you right in your face.’”

Shanice was stunned. “That’s when it all hit me,” she says. “I was like, ‘Wait a minute. He has a good point. I think this is my soul mate!’”


While Shanice was on that tour with *NSYNC, she invited Flex to a show that she claimed was less than an hour away. Flex happily accepted, but came to realize that his soul mate’s time estimate was slightly off.

“Cut to four hours later,” he says. “I put on a suit, everything.”

Flex missed Shanice’s performance and arrived at the show as she was exiting the stage. “I see her for maybe 10 minutes in her trailer, and I turn around and leave,” he says.

Despite it being a short visit, it was an experience that Flex says solidified for him the fact that the relationship was headed somewhere special.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, I think this is real. This is real,’” he says.

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