The OG '90s Supermodels Just Had An Epic Reunion On The Versace Runway


Everyone can go home now, Versace just won Fashion Month in its entirety.

The iconic fashion house, helmed by Donatella Versace, paid tribute to brother Gianni Versace 20 years after his murder, in part by calling on the ’90s supermodels whose careers he played a large role in elevating to close out the show in Milan on Friday.

Venturelli via Getty Images

Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen appeared draped in gold gowns slightly reminiscent of the rose gold Versace stunner Michelle Obama wore for a state dinner with Italy in October 2016.

They strutted down the runway hand in hand to George Michael’s “Freedom ’90,” as many of them did in 1991, giving fashion-lovers giant pangs of nostalgia in their wake.

You might remember that 1991 runway when Campbell, Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington walked together as one of the most iconic in Gianni Versace’s career ― and one of the most iconic moments in fashion to this day.

The Guardian reports that during a press conference ahead of the show, Donatella Versace, who used prints from her brother’s collections to inspire this one, explained that she is “not sad,” adding, “I am happy that after 20 years I can finally do this with a smile on my face.”

Campbell, who has continued to frequent the runways to this day, told HuffPost in 2015 that the 1991 moment was something that would “never happen again, unless Donatella [Versace] says ‘I want you all back together again.’”

We’re so thrilled she did. Check out more photos from the major moment below.

Venturelli via Getty Images
Venturelli via Getty Images
Venturelli via Getty Images
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