No One Wants Your 9/11 Branded Content

Seriously, stop suggesting your product honors those who died in the Sept. 11 attacks.

Every year since Sept. 11, 2001, Americans have come together to remember the lives lost in the devastating terror attacks. Also every year, with perverse punctuality, brands have used the tragedy to try to sell their products.

New Jersey restaurant Acai Ya Later, for instance, really hopes you can take some time to honor this solemn anniversary. And why not do that with a nice acai bowl? Yum! 

This is not a good look. Stop.
This is not a good look. Stop.

The company later deleted that post, only to put up a similar one ― without the picture of an acai bowl but still with all the foodie hashtags.

The restaurant joins a long list of businesses that have used Sept. 11 to promote themselves. In 2013, AT&T paid its respects by showing off its new phone.


A year later, companies including CVS, White Castle and The Vitamin Shoppe all contributed their own cringeworthy content.

Even Garfield got in the game this year.

Look, it’s pretty simple: If you’re a company or a cartoon or Chewbacca, and you feel you need to say something to commemorate 9/11, the best thing you can say is nothing.