Kid Who 'Had A Really Bad Day' Calls 911 For Help With Math Homework

No doubt that the dispatchers at Lafayette Police Department are familiar with the stresses associated with fractions.

A 911 dispatcher has been praised after helping a stressed-out school kid with his math homework.

The unknown caller told dispatcher Antonia Bundy he was “bad at fractions” and had just had “a really bad day” at school. 

While a math emergency isn’t ordinarily grounds for calling 911, Bundy remained on the line with the young boy for almost two minutes while guiding him through the problem. 

Indiana’s Lafayette Police Department uploaded a recording of the call to Twitter Saturday:

While the police department tweeted that it doesn’t “recommend 911 for homework help,” one of its sergeants told BuzzFeed News that Bundy was able to provide assistance because the dispatch center wasn’t busy at the time. 

“That day there happened to be five dispatchers working at the same time, and only two dispatchers were taking calls,” Sgt. Matt Gard said. “Had other emergency calls come in, we had other dispatchers available to taking calls.”

Twitter users have hailed Bundy as “a true hero.”