9/11 Redux -- Renegade U.S. Intelligence

Does anyone remember the movie Three Days of the Condor? The movie was released in 1976 and starred Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway. Redford's character, Joe Turner had discovered a rogue element of the CIA that was planning an unauthorized attack on the Middle East. Here we are 30 years later and the movie is still thought provoking. The story really touches on Big Brother and the threat that a secret government entity lived and breathed within the CIA. Robert Reford's character embodied the unsuspecting paranoia that characterized that time. This film has intrigue, suspense, and above all a moral conscience. It presents the idea that what does our government do, and at what cost?

Since 1947 when the National Security Act was passed, the U.S. intelligence agencies have been out of control and there is a strong likelihood that many rogue elements have done some awful things unknown to even our elected officials. I would include among them: John Kennedy's assassination; Martin Luther King's assassination; Robert Kennedy's assassination; 9/11.

The problem with all the official reports on these events including the likes of the Warren Commission and 9/11 Commission is that these investigations only embody information coming from known government agencies and documents. Very little forensic work is done to connect the dots. And the so-called bi-partisan members of these commissions are members of the establishment who would never think of using innovative investigative techniques. The official reports of those commissions seem to always blame everyone, essentially blaming nobody. And the most plausible explanation comes to incompetence of government agencies. Most people recognize that lone assassins did not assassinate John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King. The 9/11 report fails to explain so many improbabilities that it boggles the mind.

I remember when the 4 airplanes were hijacked on 9/11. I was wondering why our NORAD air defense system had not sent fighter jets immediately to escort these planes. Shortly before 9/11, Payne Stewart's private jet went off course due to the jet losing cabin pressure and within minutes there were fighter escorts following the airplane until it crashed. Is it feasible that 4 airplanes were hijacked and not a single fighter escort was available when these airplanes went off course? The 9/11 Commission's explanation is that the FAA, air traffic controllers, and NORAD were all guilty of negligence. Is that really believable? It is about as believable as the "single bullet theory" of the Kennedy assassination or that Jack Ruby killed Oswald because of his patriotism.

I was listening to the Mike Malloy Show on Air America Radio a few days ago. The unanswered questions about 9/11 are starting to be discussed again. Mike Malloy's analysis is that the American people "can't handle the truth" to quote another movie line from A Few Good Men. And that is the problem. 9/11 and other horrid events have probably been acts of those rogues in government intelligence agencies that only serve selected people in government to advance their political goals. As was the case in Three Days of the Condor, it is more likely that these horrid events that are meant to achieve political goals by the very few are done by elements of intelligence agencies that are not even known officially by the CIA or The Defense Department. And if anyone even attempts to unravel this, they are likely to be assassinated.

If I were the head of the CIA, I would not give lie detector tests to uncover the leaks to the media. I would give lie detector tests to find out who are the rogues within these intelligence agencies that are doing us so much harm. However, the chance of me being the CIA director is unlikely. I value my life too much.