Listen To Angry Woman Dial 911 Over Wrong Pizza Toppings

She could have received a refund... had she not eaten half the pie by the time police showed up.

Police have criticized a Connecticut woman for dialing 911 to complain about her local pizzeria allegedly mixing up her order.

In audio posted online, the woman can be heard angrily asking the emergency dispatcher whether police would be able to "do something" to resolve her dispute with Empire Pizza in Hartford, local outlet WTIC reports.

The woman, identified only as Ashley, claimed she ordered a half-cheese, half-bacon pizza but received a half-cheese, half-hamburger one instead. It's unclear whether the pizza was delivered to her home or if she picked it up at the restaurant.

"I just have a question," Ashley is heard saying in audio that the Hartford Police Department released earlier this week. "If I order pizza and they don't want to give me my money back, can you guys do something?"

That's "something you would have to take up with them," the dispatcher replies before reminding the caller that the 911 service "is for life-threatening emergencies only."

But Ashley ignores this information, and goes on to explain the business' alleged error to the dispatcher, who remains patient throughout. 

"That's not a police matter, ma'am," the dispatcher says before arranging for an officer to meet her at the eatery.

The owners of the pizza place told police they would have refunded Ashley's money over the error had she not eaten half the pizza, according to NBC Connecticut. Police decided not to pursue the matter.

Ashley will not be charged with misuse of 911. But deputy Brian Foley said the police department decided to release the audio as "a learning opportunity" for others.

"This is not the type of thing that we want people calling 911 for,” he added.