92nd Street Y Parenting Conference: 'What Do YOU Really Need To Know As A Parent?' (LIVE STREAM)

"Should we be giving babies iPads? How do I control my children’s internet usage when they’re more savvy than I am? Is advertising affecting my child’s brain?"

Those are among the questions behind “What Do YOU Really Need To Know As A Parent?,” a conference at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan on February 11 and 12. Parenting experts will meet with hundreds of parents to lead conversations on such topics as “Keys to Confident Parenting in an Age of Anxiety,” “Raising Children in a Digitized and Commercialized World” and “How to Give Your Child Confidence and Independence: Eight Things Parents Cannot Do For Their Children (But Wish They Could).”

We’ll be there in person. You can join in digitally. The conference is being live-streamed, starting at 9:15 am and running through the day. The schedule is here; you can watch all or part of it live by clicking on the screen below, or you can view archives of the talks here, at your leisure.

And if you are eager to get started, there’s already a collection of videos from the experts who will appear at the conference here. Among the topics: Can we choose our children’s friends? Are our children worse off that we are? How do you control your children in a digital world?

There will be time for Q&A after each of the sessions. If you’d like to join that too, leave your questions below and we will try to ask them for you.