96-Year-Old Woman, Amada Rice Stevenson, Charged With Killing Nephew in St. Augustine, Fla

A 53-year-old man was allegedly killed when his 96-year-old aunt that he feared allegedly shot him with a .357 handgun.

Amanda Rice Stevenson, the suspected murderer, was wheelchair-bound in her appearance before a St. Augustine, Fla. court judge on Monday where she was arraigned for allegedly killing her nephew Johnny Rice, The St. Augustine Record .

Rice's wife found his body blocking the door to their bedroom on Saturday night. Police said he was shot in the chest while he lay in bed.

A neighbor and co-worker told The Record that he lived in fear of his aunt, but let her move in with him and his wife this year, because no one else would take her.

Dreading his aunt's potential to harm him and his wife, Rice called state authorities to examine her. The officials who looked into his complaint ruled that she was alert and didn't pose a threat to people around her, The Associated Press said. However, The Record said a welfare worker wanted to hospitalize Stevenson who'd threatened him with a gun.

Recently, Rice told his elderly relative that he would evict her from his home.

Because of the complaints Rice made, it's likely that Stevenson will be evaluated for dementia during the court proceedings, police said.