Poor Andrew Garfield Is Reduced To Scooping Dung In Exclusive '99 Homes' Clip

The gripping housing-crisis drama is now in theaters.

In this exclusive "99 Homes" clip, you get to see Andrew Garfield round up a crew to help him shovel human feces from a home whose evicted family backed up the septic tank before vacating. It's the first sign that his character, a struggling single father, has sold his soul to the same real-estate shark (Michael Shannon) who's just ousted him and his mother (Laura Dern) from their family abode. That poop-slinging launches the axis of Ramin Bahrani's new drama, which takes place amid the 2008 housing crisis and explores how far a guy will go to put a roof over his family's head. In the case of Garfield's character, that means profiting while hapless homeowners are kicked to the curb.

"99 Homes" opens Friday. Read our interview with Garfield



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