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Man Spends More Than $80,000 On iPhones To Propose To His Girlfriend

What do you do with 99 iPhones? Use them to propose to your girlfriend, naturally.

A resident of Guangzhou, China, spent more than $80,000 -- about double his salary -- on nearly 100 iPhone 6s to pop the question, according to multiple reports. He stacked the boxes to form a heart, guided his girlfriend inside the creation and proposed in front of his friends and colleagues. Her answer? Well, according to a Huffington Post translation, she hasn't yet agreed.

Photos of the proposal surfaced on China's social media network Weibo, as well as on Twitter.

The man proposed just before Nov. 11, which is China's National Singles' Day. The day isn't quite what it sounds like, though. Instead of celebrating single people, the date is seen as the perfect time for people to end their singledom.

"[The Chinese] see it as an end date,” Yue Xu, a Chinese-American TV host and producer, told Time about the holiday. “This is the last day I’m going to be single.”

It's also a day when people do a lot of online shopping to impress that special someone. (According to Time, 2013's Singles' Day resulted in $5.8 billion in sales over a 24-hour period.) A few reports have noted the proposal story could be a viral marketing scheme for this reason.

Apparently inspired by the novelty of this man's 99-iPhone proposal, CNN put together a list of other creative proposals involving a rather large quantity of items. For example, the outlet noted a man named Dou Ziwang proposed to his girlfriend by forming two big hearts made from 99,999 red chili peppers, while another proposed by floating down from a building, holding 9,999 balloons.

Points for creativity.

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