'99 Problems' Obama Video: Jay-Z's Track Gets Presidential Twist

WATCH: Obama Raps '99 Problems'

"99 Problems," Jay-Z's seminal drug-dealer-versus-police-canine anthem, has occupied a bizarre space in American culture. Many a listener has taken the track to mean that Jay-Z, the rapper, has lots of issues to deal with, but is thankful that a woman is not among them. Jay-Z took pains to explain that he was actually referring to a police canine that was on its way to inspect his car for drugs (which were definitely there). A law professor examined the banter between Jay's character and the officer and determined how accurately it depicted the law (hint: not that accurately).

And now Barack Obama's covering it -- almost. The president stars in the above video which uses clips of his own speech to fashion the hit single into an anti-Mitt Romney screed. It's blistering on Romney but doesn't exactly spare Obama, who comes off as brashly bragging about "plundering" and serving the "elite." The mic drop comes follow a sample of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream." O's rebuttal? "Well, I have a drone."

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