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'99 Red Balloons' Played With Red Balloons Is Breathtaking

And you thought the guy who could twist balloons into poodles was cool.

Check out this video of musician Andrew Huang playing the 1980s Nena hit "99 Red Balloons" with nothing but red balloons.

"Thought about using 99 balloons but it worked with 4 so meh," Huang wrote in the YouTube description.

Huang has gained a following for using unusual instruments to cover songs, website Dorkly pointed out. In a previous viral project, he played the "Breaking Bad" theme with nothing but meth lab equipment.

What's next? Orchestrating the "Nurse Jackie" opening to the sound of real falling pills?

For reference to Huang's new work, check out German singer Nena's English version of "99 Red Balloons" ("99 Luftballons"), below: