A 16 year-old takes Social Media by the Wind, Interview with Ibrahim²

A 16 year-old takes Social Media by the Wind, Interview with Ibrahim²
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“I was born in a digital world - one in which life is easy and convenient forteenagers. I don’t enjoy easy. I’ve always liked to earn the things I need.”These articulate words were said by Ibrahim Ibrahim who is not your average 16 year-old teenager. Ibrahim calls himself an aspiring tech-entrepreneur who operates ‘iBoostReach’, a platform at which entrepreneurs and business owners can visit to maximize their impressions on Social Media within a short period of time.

Ibrahim is the sole creator of different accounts on various platforms in the luxury niche; resulting in a total follower network of almost 30 million individuals.

He is still undergoing his educational career and pursuing the IB diploma from the prestigious United World College of Costa Rica at which he serves in its Advisory Council. Not to forget that he is also the student council presidentand is expected to be the primary channel of communication with administration whilst still working on business and studies.

Ibrahim’s clientele includes, but is not limited to:the internet sensation Tai Lopez, Anil Arjandas, Arash, Michel Issa, Daniel Sky, and Jason Stone from Millionaire Mentor.

I had a chance to sit down with Ibrahim of iBoostReachto discuss the venture’s success and find out what it has done to get people to open their wallets for digital promotions.

Q. When did this all begin?

A. At 14, I started my own social media business. Through tech forums and self-learning resources, I taught myself how to best navigate social media tools and within 5 months, I was fulfilling orders for over 30 clients worldwide, with a focus on international musicians and business owners. My practice offers diverse social media services designed to achieve high impact and meet my clients’ KPIs as quickly as possible, using practical tools. My areas of expertise include increasing reach and engagement alongside targeted digital marketing, to mention a few.

Q. Why did you choose the life of an entrepreneur rather than a 9 to 5 desk job?

A. We’ve had to submit to the new requirements of the global economy without questioning them. I see my sisters work corporate jobs with 12-hour days and swoon for the hype of “entrepreneurship”. I watch my family break while reconciling new identities as global citizens with our traditional role as locals desperate to belong; something I realized I have no interest in.

Q. If you had to sum up the world we live in nowadays, how about would you do so?

A.I am part of one of the last generations to have been born into ananalogue world but raised in a digital one. People like me are living out the consequences and changes brought about by the slow and victorious march of capitalism towards the third world. We are the Arabs who pursue the American dream in a desert, and feel strongly about the US elections, Brexit and Beyonce’s new album on Facebook as if our own lives depended on it too.

Q.What is the call to action for your fellow youth, Mr. Ibrahim?

A. Advocating for social entrepreneurship - adapting the business structure of startups to implement solutions for social problems. I stress the importance of cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit in youth but to equally encourage them to start cause-driven businesses and cultural and social ventures.

Below, we present a full summary of iBoostReach:

Name of Business: iBoostReach

Age of Founder: 16

Business Type: Media Agency tailored for Social Growth.

Location: Amman, Jordan

Contact E-Mail: ibrahim@iboostreach.com

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