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A 5-Minute Daily Practice That's a Game Changer!

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In last vlog/blog I answered the question, "Is it possible to be happy all the time?" The answer was not really and you can read why here.

Although it may not be realistic to be in a certain state all the time because we are human, we must be aware when our negative states become comfort zones.

You see as much as we want to experience happiness, gratitude, abundance, and positivity, sometimes we hover in our more negative patterns because they are familiar. Comfort zones are only comfortable because they are familiar, not because they actually reflect where we want to be.

In today's vlog I share a very simple yet transformational daily practice you can start today to shift your energy.

Suffering can be a bit addicting when it is familiar. Processing our feelings is important but we must not indulge in them or become identified with a state of being that keeps our vibration low.

The following process will support you in changing your emotional state and consequently will lift your vibration. It was given to me by a healer and I know from experience that it works:

1. Consider what less than uplifting states you tend to hover it. Is it sadness? Unworthiness? Lack? Criticism? Judgment? Whatever it is I imagine that you'd love freedom from it, yet you find yourself slipping back into because, well, it's comfortable.

2. Now consider what you'd like to feel instead. If it is sadness, perhaps joy is what you are after. If it is criticism, maybe self-acceptance is what you need. If it is lack, abundance would feel way better!

3. Once you have identified the state you want to move into, for five minutes every morning write by hand about the perks of being in that state. For example, when I was moving out of my comfort zone of feeling depressed, I wrote for about the perks of being happy. And let me tell you, it was a total game changer!

4. Write a new entry each day. Really let your imagination and intuition guide you. Explore all the wonderful perks of being in that state. It is totally okay to repeat things you have said in the past. In fact, repetition is necessary when we are rewiring our brain. Commit to doing this for 90 days. Remember it is only five minutes... isn't that small investment in time worth the transformation it could create in your life?

This process works because it reprograms our unconscious mind and supports us in getting into the vibrational state we desire. It's one thing to think about the feelings we want, it's an entirely different experience to live them. Sometimes we just need a little convincing to get there and this process does that!

By doing this process every morning, you will start to familiarize yourself with the vibrational state you want to experience so that it becomes your new upgraded comfort zone.

Make this commitment as your holiday gift to yourself. You can be free from unnecessary suffering by liberating yourself from a comfort zone you have long outgrown!!

I would love to know what new energy you are shifting into so please head over the to comments section and share. I am here to cheer you on and will answer any questions you have on the blog.



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