A Beat Boxing Class For The Blind (VIDEO)

WATCH: Beat Boxing For The Blind

Top New York beatboxers Taylor McFerrin (son of Bobby McFerrin) and Chesney Snow teach blind and visually impaired students at Lavelle School for the Blind how to produce drum beats, rhythms and musical sounds using their mouth, lips, tongue and voice.

"I love getting on the mic and doing all kinds of beats," said 21-year-old Steven Spinelli. "You prove to other people out there that you can do something - you can make music with your mouth."

Watch the video below to see the most recent beatboxing class, and to help keep this program running click here:

James Kim, a hip-hop event marketer and co-founder of the nonprofit organization Bridging Education & Art Together, started the Beat Rockers program at Lavelle last fall, after he visited the Bronx school for a event.

"I was like, wow, look at the effect that music has on these kids," Kim said. "What they need is beatboxing!"

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