This Groom And His Best Man Did The Most Bromantic Photo Shoot

There's no love like bro love.

Groom John Taylor and his best man Andy Pemberton have a bromance for the ages.

At John's September 25 wedding in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, the boys teamed up with photographer Katie Byram to do a pre-wedding photo shoot to celebrate more than a decade of friendship.

Shot in a suite at Hotel Du Vin the morning of the wedding, the shoot featured the besties spooning, reading magazines in bed and watching TV together from adjacent bath tubs.

Before the wedding, John told Katie that he wanted to take a couple of funny shots with his best man. Little did she know what was in store.

"I don't think she realized that she would be photographing two naked blokes in twin bath tubs," John told The Huffington Post. "I don't think we did either really. Together, me and Andy seem to lack any sort of upper threshold on how far we can push things if we think it will be a laugh."

Katie said the goofball shoot was unlike any she had done before.

"When I turned up at their hotel room John opened the door in a bathrobe and said with a cheeky smile, 'Hello, Katie, we've been expecting you,'" she told HuffPost. "The whole shoot was led by them. I normally take photographs of guys putting on their ties and button holes but they wanted something a lot less traditional and a lot more fun. We were roaring with laughter through much of it."

So what did the bride, Lisa, think about the shoot?

"She totally gets the bromance and loved the photos when she saw them!" John said.

In case you were curious, a few of the photos even made their way into the wedding album.

"They are just superb," John said of the pictures. "Katie completely understood what we were all about and just went along with it -- and sometimes even encouraged it a bit more. I didn't want typical groom prep photos and I certainly didn't get them. Couldn't be happier."

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