A Better Way to Support Nonprofits

If you're on a mission to support a nonprofit organization, writing a check can go a long way. However, have you ever wondered where your money is really going? Have you thought about that little piece of paper you gifted to the foundation and how it truly contributed to the greater good? Have you ever wanted to be able to specifically know how you helped an organization?

Well, guess what? Now you can.

There is an incredible new way to give, and it's called MyFiki.

MyFiki is an in-kind donation platform that allows nonprofit partners to showcase their work and tell donors exactly what goods they need through an Amazon Wish List. By using the service, people can select one of the goods (hopefully more) off a nonprofit's Wish List and easily donate it directly to them. The company states, "With just a few clicks, donors contribute physical items, which are delivered right to the MyFiki nonprofit partner." This way both the nonprofit and the donor know exactly what they are getting/ giving.

The organization has a diverse range of deserving partners that include animal causes, educational programs, health services and others.

Cultivated out of a need to do more, MyFiki was cofounded by NJ natives, Rafik Tawadrous and Tara Fardellone. After a long history of volunteering and donating until their pockets were empty, the pair felt their work wasn't enough to fulfill the needs of the nonprofits they supported. So, they formed their own initiative. Now they are proud to be serving the world by "doing tangible good with tangible goods."

Currently supporting over 41 nonprofit organizations across the nation, MyFiki's door is always open for new partners. Please see more about their wonderful mission here and be sure to like them on Facebook to show your support. Be kind, everyone.