A Better Way?

So now the Republicans know that health care can not be fixed with a program developed in a month. It is surprising that they had six years to work on a plan and what they came up with, their own party did not even like. So now they have to go back to the drawing board. As they think about their next step, what a wonderful opportunity they have to show some real leadership.

They seem to have lots of problems with the ACA (Affordable Care Act). Why don’t they talk with the members of the Democratic party, who also know that there are some serious short comings in the ACA, and work together to make the best health care program possible?

The public rage at the idea that 24 million might lose health care seems to suggest that the idea of government assisted health care is now an accepted idea. (An idea that all developed nations except the U.S. have embraced and implemented.) So if the Republicans would work to make the ACA the best it could be, they would get points for being bipartisan, they would be able to celebrate the campaign promise of trump that he would have health insurance for everybody, (”best plan ever”) and they would have reversed their horrible performance on the AHA. Trump would even have some Democrats voting for the improved ACA.

But this makes way too much sense for the people who are in leadership now to ever consider it.