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A Black Boy's Fear

Get up. Dry your tiresome red eyes. Bow down on both knees. Say your prayer. Light your candle.
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Get up
Dry your tiresome red eyes
Bow down on both knees
Say your prayer
Light your candle for
Tamir Rice
Trayvon Martin
Sean Bell
Eric Garner
Rekia Boyd
Alton Sterling
Too many names to name
So --you cut your list short, if not
You'll be on your knees till 3050
Blowout your frankincense and myrrh
Grab your school lunch
Pack your Jansport
Give mother a hug
Give daddy a pound
Give grandma a kiss
Jesus piece around your neck
Smile at your honor roll certificate
Pack your silver and gold trophies
Fold your vision board
Give Sister J your book collection
Tell the righteous brothers from Sunset and South Orange Ave
Cook more food for the black revolution
Because black men and black boys are dying
Say your last goodbyes
Say your last goodbyes
Prepare to be shot
Cause they never loved us
Awaken in a black coffin
No eyes
No mouth
Eaten by white supremacy
Unloved by a jury
No story
Identity checked as invisible
Only to remain
Nameless with

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