A Black Stonewall Moment

Gays have often compared our fight for equality and acceptance to the struggle of the Black community. While not everyone in the Black community is thrilled about that, the parallels are too strong to deny.

And in one particular instance, their fight is, without question, our fight. And that is the fight to be treated with dignity and respect by law-enforcement officials, without manhandling or violence or worse.

Police brutality against LGBT at the hands of "peace officers" is nothing new. We have a long history of battles with the police. And it still happens all the time. And the police always get away with it.

Don't forget, it was our gay ancestors' rebellion to police bullying that led to Stonewall, which gave birth to the modern-day LGBT rights movement.

I believe the Black community is experiencing their own "Stonewall Moment." We must join them in this battle. Because it is our battle, too.

I encourage you to get involved. Attend protests in your area. If that's not your style, or there are no events close to you, find other ways to fight for change from within the system.

They cannot keep getting away with murder and unjustifiable violence. It is way past time for real reform and real accountability, once and for all.