A Blossoming of Political Art

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Some months ago I wrote about the absence of political art, here in my home town of Woodstock in particular, and in the art 'world' in general.

Political art has suddenly blossomed this spring.

It's exciting. Sometimes it's even fun. Here's one of the funnest pieces I've seen. Actually, it's not just a piece, it's an idea, a set of events, a sly, sneaky program. I would love to see pieces like this set up everywhere. I've included the artist's name and email. If it appeals to you, as much as it does to me, and you have money or the will or the interest, maybe you'll get in touch with him and have one of these set up in front of your nearest Wal-Mart, or by the local high school, or on the corner, near a church.

They're by Norm Magnunsson and he's at NormMagnusson@aol.com

Thanks, and may all your art be good art.

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