Bot Turns Trump's Tweets Into Official-Looking Presidential Statements

Meet Sean Spicer's replacement.

Who needs official statements from the White House when President Donald Trump’s tweets appear to be a more accurate reflection of his true thoughts? 

Russel Neiss, a technologist, coder and activist, decided to answer that question by creating , an Internet bot that looks for a new Trump tweet every 15 minutes and edits the message to look like official White House statements. 

On Sunday, in response to the London attacks, world leaders took to Twitter to call for peace. Trump, on the other hand, decided to lash out at London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

 Neiss’ bot transformed that tweet into this:

Neiss told HuffPost he was inspired to create the bot when he saw a tweet from Patrick Cunnane, a former press aide for the Obama administration, that responded to Trump’s latest tirade. 

Neiss also credited a tweet from New York Times correspondent Maggie Haberman as a source of inspiration for the bot.

Other Twitter users welcomed the alternative option to Press Secretary Sean Spicer.



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