Santa Claus: A Brief History (VIDEO)

Warning: This video contains potentially sensitive information about Santa Claus. If little ones are around, you may want to wait to watch the video.

Father Christmas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle... it seems like our modern-day Santa Claus has more names than he knows what to do with.

Confusing? Not to worry -- short-explanatory-film-maker C. G. P. Grey saves the day with his brief video history of the origin of "jolly Saint Nick."

When Europeans settled the Colonies St Nick and Father Christmas and the other characters began to mix together.

This explains why the US version has so many names. Santa Claus is the Americanization of Sinterklaas, but he’s also called St Nick and Father Christmas and Kris Kringle which comes from Germany.

In the old world these were different characters, but in the new world over time they evolved into one which you can see happening in older stories.

The film begins to list all the many debated locations of Santa Claus' home. Grey, however, maintains that in the end, it doesn't really matter.

"No matter where he might be based, Santa still manages to get round the world in just one night to deliver all those presents... and eat all those cookies."

In other fun Santa news, Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz "announced" a fine against ole' Kris Kringle for "violations of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act."

"Mr. Claus has flagrantly violated children's privacy, collecting their consumer preferences for toys and also tracking their behavior so as to judge and maintain a database of naughtiness and niceness," Leibowitz reportedly said.

In response, Claus allegedly gave this statement from his "North Pole headquarters:"

"I regret that the world has come to this: treating any adult who wants to make a child happy as a dangerous stranger," he allegedly said. "The problem with our modern world is not technology but fear, suspicion, and cynicism." He vowed to continue his Christmas mission of joy. "What's the worst they can do to me?" he asked, according to the report. "Cookie me?"

To see a full transcript of the film, click here.