A Brief Response to a Puerile Posting

It is actually Max Blumenthal who is taking the word of Holocaust-deniers and Holocaust-revisonists at their face value. I never attended any such meeting at the Museum, on that or any other date, even if Blumenthal prefers - without any checking - to award Faurisson the presumption of truth. I would not advise him to make a habit of that.

The remainder of this puerile "posting" is of the same standard. I shall repeat, once more and only once, that anyone with a serious interest could either look up my original articles as cited (and form their own conclusions) or read my book ("Love, Poverty and War") and read of my actual encounters and debates with David Irving. They could then go to HitchensWeb and read the exchange between my lawyers and Henry Kissinger's. To deal with Kissinger at all is to feel slightly gangrenous but to read Max Blumenthal is more like being confronted with a young skunk who hasn't learned to piss yet.