A Brief Statement on Crime and Alleged 'Black Criminality'

On Crime and Economics

Until the world realizes that barring certain extreme examples crime is an economic construct of poverty and not a product of moral failure there will be more Trayvon Martin's lining your news feed by the month.

On Equating Race with Criminality

Race is used as a proxy for criminality to deny the reality among the white majority that the rapacious economic order producing the poverty that motivates crime affects them in larger number than minorities. They effect them in lesser proportion merely because of the false assumption of white skin equating innocence.

On Racial Profiling

If the numeric rate of committing crime per race should be grounds for racial profiling than every white male should be denied any licenses in the financial services industry because the super majority of crimes involving financial mismanagement in that profession lie among that ilk.

On Alleged "Black on Black Crime"

When it becomes a statement of white American racial moral failure that we send men to murder and kill each other for wealth, riches, and status of hierarchy all over the world, It will then be a statement of Black American racial moral failure that our men murder and kill each other for wealth, riches, and status of hierarchy all over the hood.

On Incarceration and Prison

Incarceration and prison in American society are used as a means to warehouse the primarily poor who cannot be provided access to means of capital accumulation, due primarily to class position, by systematic design since the market economy requires at least a fixed number to be frozen out of total economic participation. This number will continue to increase because less and less compensated labor is needed as time continues due to technology and wealth hoarding among the elite.