A Broken System: Parental Voices Unsilenced

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Amidst the sea of constant news and nonstop social media commentary — streaming to our handheld devices in endless twenty-four hour, seven day a week cycles — it is easy for the many causes, issues and voices speaking-out on behalf of them to get submerged.

This tends to be the plight of many parents and advocates who speak-out (and up) on behalf of the dysfunction and injustice surrounding family law ordeals — and the ethical quagmires as they relate to the players of family courts.

Eye on the Ball, and the Court

Rarely do we see larger media outlets cover these issues -- in a manner that ties together the unifying themes of dysfunction that take place in the family court systems nationwide. Many reasons exist for this type of dilemma that often seems to have the media keeping an eye on the ball that is being swung and hit around by each adversarial party — as opposed to scrutinizing the mechanisms playing out behind the drama and stagecraft performed before the court.

Perhaps it is this reason that for a few days in mid-September, when a rally took place in Washington DC to unite many different groups and voices speaking out and marching for parental rights and reforms in family law — that important substance and newsworthy stories went unnoticed by many — whereas that same week saw plenty of press coverage focused on events involving Trump Supporters and Juggalos.

Parents Spoke and Marched

Highlighting the voices that spoke to issues questioning the modus operandi of the family court industry — many hit the nail on the head with sound logic, solid arguments and factually sharp presentations offered for public consumption.

Connie Reguli, an attorney from Tennessee who practices in family law, spoke on the problems and flaws within the industry addressing such issues as federal money, child-support and rights of parents in custody ordeals.

Jeff Morgan, a strong advocate in family law reform, was among one of many who filmed and interviewed participants of the Million Parent March rally. Speaking with Gary Jacobs, an outspoken advocate for legal reform, we hear a spirited and refreshingly honest depiction as to what many experience in these ordeals. Gary comments on the overall money aspects and complications of child support in regards to how the current system, and its enforcement mechanisms, are set up in a way that is often adverse to the overall best interests of a child — and family as a whole.

A playlist of the speeches that took place at the rally can be found at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm1_Ewa-aQeOVswyLILz4b7KhlKXa227j

A System Far From Normal and Closer to Ludicrous

If authenticity is a standard-bearer of truth it can be applied to the radio show Far From Normal, hosted by Jay Moss, Jessie Weiner and Bud Veno, as they provide a sound forum and refreshing voice in exposing family court corruption and dysfunction in our judicial system — along with addressing those agencies and industries feeding off of it.

As a guest on the show recently, we discussed the various issues involving corruption and questionable practices — and how they lend to the systemic breakdowns and adverse impact upon these broken systems.


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