A Buddhist Prayer for Boston

It was devastating and heartbreaking to hear about the bombing of the Boston Marathon. I clearly remember running that race myself, in similar running conditions, with the sun shining and enthusiasm streaming from the city. It is one of the most venerated sporting events in the United States -- athletic excellence mixed with community celebration. I especially remember coming toward the finish line, both exhausted and exuberant. Everyone was cheering and humanity's goodness and spirit was palpable.

To hear that this precious and sacred moment of human celebration was terrorized is truly heartbreaking. As we try to come to terms with this act of senseless violence, a wide range of emotions will arise. In the face of this pain and confusion, we must allow ourselves to touch our own strength and goodness and open our hearts, generating love and compassion for the victims of this tragedy. As well, we must not give up on the spirit and courage of humanity, which this marathon so exemplifies.

At this poignant time, please join me in sending thoughts and prayers to the victims and to the courageous city of Boston.

With love and blessings,

The Sakyong