What's Going On?

"Father, Father, they're far too many of us dying...mother, mother mother, they're far too many of us crying..we've just got to find a way, to bring some loving here today..."

I awakened to the news today of the tragic, premeditated murders in Charleston, South Carolina's Emmanuel AME Church. First and foremost, my prayers go out to the families, parishioners, and all my colleagues in the AME church, especially those who lost loved ones.

I've had a sick feeling in my stomach all day long, and and the words we used to sing to Marvin Gaye's song above, hit me. Now they've gone too far. There's no more safe space. They've invaded our sacred, our sanctuaries.

This is a call to a national action, healing for the nation, Prayer and healing service. We need to do it in the nation's capitol. All leaders, from business, centers of faith, government, private and public sectors, need to address this growing, malignant issue. This cancer has spread, We have a crisis on our hands. This is not a call to play to the cameras, but to handle this controversy, this sickness. Let's leave egos at the door, and put on our full armor. This is a war, and we are all on the front lines.

As a member of President Clinton's Race Initiative 20 years ago, we put race on the table. Since then, no one wants to have the serious conversation. There's a war going on. America needs to deal with the 3 R's, not reading, 'riting and 'rithemetic, but Race, Religion and respect for women. We're losing the war.

How many more lives must be taken? How many more families and communities must be shattered? This is the time, for the 3 R's and HANDGUN Control. Why are there more children going to funerals, than to fun activities? There are far too many dying.

Good people must act. Evil must not win. It's time!!

Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook is a Huffington Post blogger, a leader and a concerned American. You may reach her at ProVoiceMovement@gmail.com