A Call for Humanity in a Bleeding World

With all the news headlines that we read today, it is easy to become overwhelmed with fear. As humans, I have often believed that we try to understand and rationalize events that occur. When we realize we are confronted by factors beyond rational, we give into our anxiety and become reactive. In our rapidly changing society, the only way to stabilize ourselves and help better the world is through compassion, awareness and a willingness to respond to the world rather than react out of fear.

I wrote this piece as a calling for humanity in a bleeding world.

One Love, One Fear

Unveiled truths, emotions running high
We run, we run to a dead end
Where our voices are silenced with fear

Unveiled desires hidden among the deepest roots
Embedded in our blood, seeping from our skin
Yet, we apply cream and think it will sooth the burning sensation

Let our hearts be purified with the only cure
That which we call love
Misused for attention
Abused for affection
Too often lost in translation

Let us hold hands and dig beneath the stones
Tucked under gravel and leaves
To uncover the seed and its need
To bloom a fragrance that feeds us
Let's take turns healing each other's wounds
Because the truth has arrived
In the shades of Spring

There's one love
There's one fear
That we are alone

We are running,
Running around Cheerio loops
But the circle I see is the circle of life
And the only way to sustain it
Is to inhale the beauty and exhale gratitude
That we are here

They say things will not change
That life is greater than us
But, together we are life
And if we must fall, let us fall with grace
So that even Mother Nature
Will respect our wounds and give us strength

Motion is science, science is logic
Logic is a maze where A leads to B
But come hold my hand
And I'll hand you my heart
Maybe by holding something so fragile we realize

There is one love
There is one fear
That enough may never be enough

Let that be the framework of the past
Because at last, we cannot still time
Yet time can hold us still
Sometimes confused, sometimes lost
I know even fog dissipates

The greatest weakness is to think
That no one can be trusted
For this only builds spears
That are tainted and rusted
We have a mind, we have a heart
But understanding ourselves is a form of art

Unveiled truths, emotions running high
Because we can't communicate and build on silence
That is already perfected
If there is yet to be world peace
Let there be at least a peaceful world

Pure darkness is only an illusion
When we close our eyes and refuse to see
That we have much to offer
To this world in need