A Call For The Citizen Leader Of The 21st Century To Step Up

At the recent National Citizen Leadership Conference in Washington DC, Former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner brought down the house with her call for "citizen leaders of the 21st Century" to step up now and win the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution.

The 28th Amendment will overturn the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which fabricated new "rights" for corporations, special interests and the super-wealthy to spend unlimited money to elect or defeat candidates.

The newly-launched American Promise hosted the National Citizen Leadership Conference, which brought together hundreds of Americans from 40 states, members of Congress from both major parties, and 60 speakers of many backgrounds and viewpoints to connect, share, learn and strategize for winning the 28th Amendment to secure government of the people -- not of the money.

After the conference, Citizen Leaders returned to their communities across the country with renewed energy and commitment. They're starting up local American Promise Associations, educating and empowering their neighbors, using new tools for getting the word out, gathering petitions and mobilizing.

As Senator Turner described in her speech to the National Citizen Leadership Conference, American progress has been made because Citizen Leaders, ordinary Americans -- doing extraordinary things -- made it happen. And now the 28th Amendment is necessary if we are to stop concentrated money and global corporations from taking over our democracy.

Next week, voters in California and Washington State will consider 28th Amendment ballot measures. Both Yes on 59! in California and Yes on I-735 will help drive the campaign forward and pressure Congress to act.

Senator Turner and I were just in Seattle to support the Yes on I-735 campaign, and once again found what the pundits and mainstream media have been missing: Americans everywhere are ready for big solutions to our big problems.

We're well on our way: polls and ballot measures show 80+ percent support among all Americans, more than 700 cities and towns, as well as 17 states, have passed resolutions calling for the 28th Amendment, which has helped drive support in Congress with over 200 co-sponsors of bills to pass the 28th Amendment.

Check out Nina Turner's call for the citizen leader of the 21st century, and let's get this done -- once and for all.