A Call To Leaders Of The Free World: Aleppo Is Dying

The people of Aleppo are being incinerated. Where are the superheroes?
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They are killing innocent civilians the city where I attended college in 1983, before I immigrated to the US.

Question: Why does the world continue to watch? Where has our humanity gone? Where has our love for each other, care about one another, and deep concern for our wellbeing gone?

Growing up in Damascus, a three-hour drive from Aleppo, I was intrigued by the diverse culture and history of both cities. The two competed in declaring themselves the oldest on earth. They also competed in tourism, culture, industry, agriculture, and architecture. Both have rich histories, yet both are being ruined by warring factions.

The people of Aleppo are being incinerated.

Where are the superheroes? Where are the leaders who do not allow such atrocities? Where are the leaders who stopped genocide in Rwanda, Sudan, and Bosnia? Where are those who deem every life on this planet precious, and every place on earth worth saving?

In the US, I daily have to contemplate a latte or a cappuccino. My family in Damascus opens the window and listen for bombs before deciding to go to the store. The paradigm of life has gone upside down. For us to allow this to continue is beyond humanity, below humanity, and has nothing to do with humanity. But I will continue to dream.

I will continue to dream of a world where we will react to massacres like Aleppo the day they begin. I will dream of a world where people from different faiths and ethnicities smile and hug. I will dream of a world we are proud for our children to inherit. I will dream of a world where virtues like peace and love and truth and justice and equal rights are cherished. And I will dream of a world that will endure; where everyone is someone.

Leaders of the free world, Aleppo is crying.

I call on the leaders of this free world to rescue Aleppo, and Syria, from the deluge of abhorrence, the surge of terror, and the flood of blood.

It’s time to realize we are all made of the same human tissue. It may show different colors, it may be cling to varying allegiances, it may speak different tongues; but human tissue is human tissue is human tissue.

I will never grow weary of repeating that – Human tissue is human tissue. Someone has to hear . . . eventually.

It is time we put an end to the violence and killing and realized that life is precious. It is time we realized humans will end like dinosaurs if we don’t act.

Leaders of the free world: HELP.

Aleppo is dying.

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