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Steven Machat's crusade to legalize marijuana
Steven Machat's crusade to legalize marijuana
Imagery by Legalizepot.us

Steven Machat the Founder/Owner of Legalizepot.us is on a crusade to legalize marijuana. Steven’s mission is to serve as the people’s portal to the legalization and production of all things derived from cannabis and hemp. He runs an organization that advocates the usage of marijuana. He believes in the physiological, psychological and sociological benefits deriv through legalization of pot. Machat plans to cultivate and produce product lines in Cannabis top genetic Indica and Sativa strains for both medical and recreational marijuana patients and consumer users. Aside from Legalizepot.us, Machat has been a worldwide entertainment attorney, music publisher, manager of music talent and record label owner as well as film producer amongst other commercial endeavors. His clients have included Electric Light Orchestra, Ozzy Osbourne, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Leonard Cohen, Phil Spector, Stacey Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Brown, Manu DiBango and Rita Lee. This interview has just been released today to the public and Manalapan health Examiner is here to share it exclusively with you.

Stacey Chillemi: Is marijuana addictive?

Steven Machat: Marijuana is not addictive. People are the addicts and they will find a substance or a belief that will feed the addiction they need to make their day go away. Meaning one looks for a substance that allows them not to live with who and what they really are. To stop addiction we must treat the patient and stop blaming everyone and everything else but the abuser.

Stacey Chillemi: Does marijuana lead to harder drugs?

Steven Machat: Marijuana does not lead to harder drugs. People will get bored of the pot and move on down the line to stronger drugs to get the high they need. They either stay with pot or quit. Cigarettes and alcohol are much stronger gateway drugs.

Stacey Chillemi: Is marijuana more dangerous than tobacco?

Steven Machat: Tobacco is the second most dangerous drug available to our culture. Number one is alcohol follow by many pharmacy pills. So no, marijuana is not more dangerous then tobacco.

Stacey Chillemi: Does marijuana cause cancer?

Steven Machat: Marijuana does not cause cancer. Our fears, I believe are those that cause cancer and those fears operate in the regions that the drugs we use to hide our fears is the most predominate feeling. Our minds cause our inner illness for the most part, I truly believe.

Stacey Chillemi: Does marijuana cause other life-threatening health problems?

Steven Machat: Marijuana does not to the best of my knowledge or awareness cause life threatening problems. Alcohol and tobacco sure do, but we allow these drugs to be marketed and promoted to the citizens. All for paper profits at the cost of our communities.

Stacey Chillemi: Is marijuana useless or unnecessary for medical purposes?

Steven Machat: If people believe that marijuana helps their medical issues then they should allow people to indulge in those remedies. It is criminal that we do not encourage “science” to fully investigate the medical usages of pot. When my knee was sore, topical usage of the plant sure helped my soreness and swelling.

Stacey Chillemi: Does marijuana cause brain damage?

Steven Machat: Marijuana does not cause brain damage. Our media does by creating fears, encouraging hate and then selling the remedy to the fears and hate the media creates. Marijuana allows one to take a breath and see the realities of a situation without the news beating their interpretation into our brains. Pot relaxes you.

Stacey Chillemi: Does marijuana cause laziness (a.k.a. “amotivational syndrome”)?

Steven Machat: Marijuana does not cause laziness. People who are lazy may smoke pot and remain lazy. That is aging the person finding a drug to help one create the vegetable style the person wants, as the person cannot live in the real world.

Stacey Chillemi: Why do you feel it should be legalized?

Steven Machat: Pot must be legalized as it grows in nature. It is natural and organic too. It is part of the hemp world and it is criminal that we do not use hemp to facilitate our lifestyle. From paper to soap to clothes to anything, we can think of for the most part. Instead, we use plastics that nature does not dissolve and return back to earth for a long time. This creation called plastics screws up our environment and we do have a substitute as we have just said, HEMP. Also making pot a criminal offense is a criminal offense. It has created a new set of Jim Crow laws, which makes blacks and those poor citizens who cannot afford a lawyer susceptible to joining a system of criminals and then having to wear that shame forever more. We need to fix this wrong. NOW

Stacey Chillemi: How would legalization benefit people?

Steven Machat: Legalizing pot would benefit society by first off having laws applicable to all, without those in control breaking the laws and making a mockery of our system. We need social justice. This requires laws equally applied to all. In addition, we could educate and rehabilitate the wrong doers. Not incarnate those misfortunate people for doubtful wrongs.

Stacey Chillemi: Why do you feel it should be legalized?

Steven Machat: The war on drugs has been a social and political failure. We need to encourage sport and stop encouraging Adderall and other similar drugs.

Stacey Chillemi: What is unique about regulating medical marijuana?

Steven Machat: What’s unique about regulating medical marijuana is that it is a drug that was a class one defined drug. Meaning it had no medical value, which is wrong. It has come a long way in our public opinion and just a few steps away from becoming legal.

Stacey Chillemi: How did you do your homework on all of this?

Steven Machat: My homework answering these questions was done by reading and living. Plus I have smoke pot on occasions for forty years and it has done nothing to me on my path to enlightenment and growing desire to share truths with the people I share my current life of understandings I have gained living life my way. We need to make laws people respect and agree to follow not follow by force and like sheep. With others being able, to do what they want at our collective expense. The game of life is to serve and share. Not own and control.

Stacey Chillemi: Have the very short deadlines built into the new law proved problematic for the industry?

Steven Machat: Short deadlines to create the new laws are needed. It makes people do something rather than sit, wait and do nothing. Me, it would be easy to administer, just copy the laws of liquor and tobacco rules and regulations in each state. Also, get the federal government out of regulating marijuana. This step is so important. We need to turn back the hands of big federal brother immediately.

Stacey Chillemi: Why only allow dispensary owners to operate a grow facility? Why not allow independent grow facilities?

Steven Machat: The desire the law makers have in having only dispensary owners to control marijuana is part of the game our law makers play to create a bureau of specific business created that owes its allegiance to the political process and therefore will make sure that process continues. It is wrong. It is not capitalism and it creates the big brother syndrome. Nature is free and abundance. Everyone should be allowed to grow and sell into the system of distribution that meets the specifications of what we the people regulate to be sold. Remember the game we have is to create dependency and then make it scarce. That is how our banking system works and how we end up being owned and controlled by third parties who work for themselves claiming this is the way of capitalism. We need to all be re-educated.

Stacey Chillemi: Where will legal pot be grown ― outdoors on commercial farms, inside in confined growing spaces, or somewhere in between?

Steven Machat: Growing Legal pot should be where nature allows. It’s that simple. Anything else is alchemy of nature and changes what nature provided for our body to digest naturally. That sentence opens up another problem I have with our world. It is genetically modified foods and chemical drugs. Two things that will change our consciousness as we become slaves to the world we made, not what the Divine gave us to live in this place and space called earth, which I believe was made to be the heaven we all wish to go after this life. Again, we need to all wake up and smell the love that exist here in this heaven and stop trying to change it for no real reason except paper profits at the expense of common person.

Stacey Chillemi: If there is a commercial pot industry, businesses will have strong incentives to create and maintain the heavy users who use most of the pot. To get a sense of what this could look like, look no further than the alcohol and tobacco industries, which have found ingenious ways to hook and reel in heavy users. So will private companies be allowed to enter the pot market, or will states limit it to home producers, non-profit groups or cooperatives?

Steven Machat: Capitalism with a social consciousness is the world we need to create. The fears that we will create potheads who become zombies are a lie. Look to other places that have legal pot. Even California, which has pot for medical purposes, which include a headache, have not become, refer madness. However, there is alcohol madness. Big difference. We need to live in and with truth and stop letting Chicken Little’s scare us into a world where we live in our own delusional fears.

Stacey Chillemi: If pot is legal for adults, how will school and community prevention programs adapt their messages to prevent kids from using?

Steven Machat: Kids smoke pot so let us live in and with that truth. It is up for the community to educate the children of the world to wait until there brains are developed before they start with plants that can later your awareness of living reality for a moment or two. Just like we do with booze and tobacco, which are two substances that do mot only alter reality but can take your life away and ruin the living life of your families and friends. For the love, ones loose two by this commercial system where we allow two substances that are dangerous to all, to be sold and marketed as wow, look how cool I am.

About Steven Machat Steven Machat is a self-taught renaissance man. He was educated to be one of the officers and gatekeepers that separated those who control the community of fellow Man from the community itself. Under this brainwashing school system, Steven became well versed in economic class warfare. His days as an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry were lived with an underlying desire to feel and experience man throughout his travels producing, protecting, marketing, and promoting the artistic talents of his clients. He has done this on a worldwide level and feels so blessed to be able to share his experiences, his understandings and knowledge of Man and Man’s diverse lives.

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