A Capitol Fourth 2017 Continues American Institution

A Capitol Fourth 2017 Continues American Institution
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Kyle McMahon heads back to the West Lawn of the United States Capitol for PBS annual A Capitol Fourth concert.

Kyle McMahon heads to the US Capitol for PBS annual A Capitol Fourthwith the always amazing camera girl Alicia Lenoir.

Kyle McMahon heads to the US Capitol for PBS annual A Capitol Fourthwith the always amazing camera girl Alicia Lenoir.

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For 37 years, Capitol Concerts has been putting on shows that honor America and entertain the nation. Their two biggest events, National Memorial Day Concert and today’s A Capitol Fourth, are also two of the highest rated programs on PBS. That’s an accomplishment that’s well earned.

Jerry Colbert began putting together these concerts as love letters to our nation and our military. After producing the specials for 36 years, he passed in January. As he wanted, his son Michael Colbert has taken the reigns. I spoke with Michael about growing up learning the secret to the power of these shows and he told me that it’s simply keeping the mission the same: to honor our country and military.

And that is what they do so brilliantly. This year is no different as they’ve put together a jam packed show filled with something for everyone. From The Beach Boys with John Stamos and Mark McGrath to Four Tops, The Blues Brothers, The Voice 2017 winner Chris Blue to the legendary Gospel singer Yolanda Adams and of course the NSO conducted by Jack Everly. A Capitol Fourth 2017 is the biggest party in America.

In a country that sometimes seems hopelessly divided, it is refreshing to know that we can all come together if only for one day, to celebrate our love for America and honor our military, veterans and those that support them. A Capitol Forth makes this happen.

Happy birthday, America!

A Capitol Fourth airs nationwide on PBS tonight, July 4th 2017 at 8pm Eastern and streams on YouTube Live. Check your local listings.

Watch Kyle2U Live from A Capitol Fourth 2017 featuring interviews with Yolanda Adams, Mark McGrath, Mike Love and executive producer Michael Colbert and performances by Yolanda Adams, The Beach Boys and The Blues Brothers.

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