A Card Trick To Explain Why Everyone Should Be A Feminist

"How can fathers and sons, husbands and brothers not be doing more?"

You don't need magic to see that the fight for gender equality is still an ongoing battle. Still, Hudson Taylor decided to use it to illustrate the importance of feminism.

In a video posted in July, the magician performs an ongoing card trick while talking about his own journey of understanding the realities of gender inequality. As Hudson offers information about the gender pay gap and the percentage of women affected by street harassment, he magically reveals cards from the deck with numbers that correspond with the statistics. Taylor then emphasizes that fighting for feminist ideals (aka human rights for people of all genders) shouldn't just be left to women.

"How can fathers and sons, husbands and brothers not be doing more?" he asks in the video. "At what point does complacency become complicity?"

Hudson hopes his video will help engage men as allies to the women who are negatively affected every single day by gender inequality.

"I believe that ending any form of discrimination cannot rest solely on the shoulders of those who are impacted by it," Taylor told HuffPost. "I believe that gender equality isn't an aspiration but a destination."

Nailed it.

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