A Case For Cooking: 5 Reasons Guys Should 'Cook To Bang' (PHOTOS)

Man or woman, gay or straight, married or single, all shouldbecause...
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Once upon a time in a land called college, I spent freshman weekend nights spooning only my pillow. My keg cup runneth over from sexually frustrated tears. I tried something unusual one night while working late on a sociology classic project with my smoking hot partner that only seemed to date athletes. A study break was sorely needed so I fixed up these ridiculous quesadillas from random dorm store ingredients. This haughty hottie, who hadn't even asked where I was from, was suddenly smitten with the pimply freshman. I would love to tell you she used me for my body. She did. But really she used me for my prowess, my culinary prowess. We got a C on our paper detailing how functionalism derailed 1980's Panama. My GPA did suffer, but my game rose to a 4.0. Cook To Bang has served me, an average dude, well ever since. Man or woman, gay or straight, married or single, all should Cook To Bang because:

For this and plenty more tantalizing tomfoolery, get your copy of Cook to Bang: The Lay Cooks Guide to Getting Laid. This isn't just a cookbook. It is a bumper-to-bumper culinary seduction guide covering everything from drink pairing to mood music.

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