'A Case Of You' Trailer Introduces Quirky Justin Long, Hipster Peter Dinklage

From the looks of the new trailer for "A Case Of You," it's surprising Justin Long hasn't already solidified himself as the quintessential star of quirky indie dramedies. He seems like the perfect fit to fill a position once held by, say, "Garden State"-era Zach Braff: skinny, intellectual, self-deprecating, boyishly cute. "A Case Of You" finds Long portraying a Brooklyn writer who falls for Evan Rachel Wood's barista character and takes to some traditional Facebook stalking to impress her by feigning interest in her pastimes. (Ahh yes, the sweet smell of a love story for Millennials.)

Peter Dinklage appears only a few times in the trailer, but he's an obvious scene-stealer as a barista with an engulfing mustache and a Justin Bieber swoop. The movie, written by Long with his brother Christian Long and co-star Keir O’Donnell, also features Busy Phillipps, Sam Rockwell, Sienna Miller, Vince Vaughn and Brendan Fraser. It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year and hits theaters and VOD on Nov. 6.

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