A Catholic Fan

I don't know what it is about the Post Office, but that is where some of my best evangelization moments happen. Recently I was mailing off some blood, take a moment to cringe, to the Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha, NE. The name Pope Paul VI jumped off the shipping label when the lovely postal employee read it aloud and asked who that was. I explained briefly that he wrote an encyclical entitled Humane Vitae, and of course I was singing his praises. I was that person in the Post Office holding up the holiday line because I was busy socializing with the lady behind the counter. I have hated me in the past, the person that is chatty when I can't stop checking my watch so as to indicate that the chatter needs to end because I have places to go!

I only wish it hadn't occurred to me today that I was being 'that lady' because I really wanted to keep talking to her! In our short conversation she was telling me how much she likes Catholics and the Catholic Church. I was in shock and had to pick my jaw up from the floor before we could continue our conversation. It isn't everyday that I hear someone saying something nice about the Catholic Church, especially after I mentioned contraceptives and Catholic in the same sentence only a few minutes into our dialogue. Among the many good things she said were, "You guys do great work!"

I wanted to pump my fist in the air and give three cheers! This non-Catholic gave voice to my very thoughts and feelings when I hear Catholic and contraceptives in the same sentence....great work! Thank you Catholic Church for defending women and families everywhere! Thank you for speaking up and speaking out when others won't agree and will say hateful things about you! Thank you for those Catholics all over the world who die for their faith, must hide their faith, or are afraid because of their faith! A special high-five to all of the Catholic fans out there, supporting and fighting for us or with us.

Merry Christ Catholic Fans! We Love You! Good-night!