A Celebration of Your Life

May 30 is Memorial Day. This original piece recognizes those in our country's Armed Forces who gave their lives in service to the United States.

How green is the grass and the sun is so bright,
I will see you again...I celebrate your life.

Things in my life still dictate you're near,
I still remember that day...you without fear.
We will always move forward in spite of the tears,
We remember to protect what is so dear.
The effect of our oath is to focus and fight.

I will see you again...I celebrate your life.

I wish you could meet my sons and my wife
I think you'd be proud you're part of our life,
They know who you are through the values you espouse.
I'm keeping my vow that yours will be near,
How special you are is spoken with joy and with tears.

Another Memorial Day and your memory still dear.
I remember that day it remains so clear.
For us we reflect without making a sound,
The respect for those lost does not need to be loud.

The sky is dark; we are losing the light,
On this day and always, I celebrate your life.
I remember your sacrifice and accomplishments of great length,
A leader, a mentor, a Soldier of strength.

Not a day goes by that I don't recall,
The courage, commitment of those heeding the call,
Because of our bonds and a trust built on faith,
We always serve knowing some may give all.

We remember you always and give thanks 'til the end
For all we hold sacred and are called to defend.