A Character Sounding A Lot Like Edward Snowden May Be Coming To CBS

The drama is called "Perfect Citizen."

As TV pilot season kicks off and networks decide which scripts should become full shows for all of us to watch, CBS has ordered a familiar-sounding pilot, per The Wrap.

Called “Perfect Citizen,” the drama centers around the former general counsel for the NSA who was involved in “an international scandal.” As he begins a new career at a powerful Boston law firm, he is forced to contend with half the country believing him a patriot and the other half, a traitor.

Although the connection is not explicitly stated, it sure seems like a show based on Edward Snowden, the former U.S. government contractor who leaked classified information about an NSA surveillance program who’s been living in Russia. “Perfect Citizen” is also awfully close to “Citizenfour,” the 2014 documentary about Snowden titled after his code name.

If the pilot is deemed good enough for a season order, we’ll likely find out more about what inspired Craig Turk ― a former “Good Wife” executive producer ― to write it. Per Deadline, casting decisions have not yet been announced.

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