A Chat with Actress Emilia McCarthy of Netflix's Hemlock Grove and Disney's Zapped!

2014-07-10-EmiliaMcCarthy_PhotoCreditPierreGautreau.JPG Photo by Pierre Gautreau

You're familiar with Emilia McCarthy's work as fraternal twin Alyssa Sworn on Season 1's Netflix's Hemlock Grove. This Ontario native started in show business at 8 years old as Cate Blanchett's daughter in the film Babel.

Emilia is so fun to chat with! Always smiling, she has a great attitude toward life and work. She has a bunch of stuff brewing, so keep up with her on Twitter and Instagram!

In Zapped, you play Taylor Dean, the popular mean girl set out to make sure Zoey doesn't join the dance squad. What's your secret to learning your lines?

Overtime, memorization has become a lot easier. I honestly just read the script on my phone and learn it that way, it's portable and I always have it with me anyway!

You've been in the business since you were 8 years old. Do you have an acting coach or take acting lessons?

I took some acting classes for fun a few years ago at Armstrong Acting Studios every Saturday for a couple years! I learned a lot and met some really great people!

You will be seen alongside Julianne Moore and Robert Pattinson in Maps to the Stars, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2014. Were you excited about the film's inclusion? How was it working on the film?

I am so proud that the movie made it to Cannes, working with David Cronenberg was a dream come true!

You're half Latina but don't have the ethnic "look." Tell us about your family history.

My mom is originally from Mexico and my dad is of Austrian descent. But even if I may not necessarily look it, I'm Latina and proud!

Do you get tired of answering the same questions over and over again in different interviews?

Yes : )

Tell us how photo shoots work.

Photo shoots are usually arranged by whomever the pictures are for and then they go through my lovely publicist Cecilia Zuniga who plans everything perfectly. There are people who do all the makeup and hair and wardrobe. If only I had that everyday!

Give us a lesson in hair flipping!

Just channel your inner sass!

What are your favorite brand clothes and shoes?

I LIVE at Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters! I'm obsessed with the Coachella vibe style at the moment.

In Netflix's Hemlock Grove season one, you played fraternal twin Alyssa Sworn, who had a gruesome death. Did you know you were going to die when you got the job?

I knew my character got killed because it was based off the book, Hemlock Grove by Brian McGreevy, so I went into it knowing the outcome. Filming the death scene was actually really fun; I loved getting all bloody and prosthetic-y!

Describe your character in Maps to the Stars. Did you get to meet Julianne Moore and Robert Pattinson?

I filmed night shoots for Maps to the Stars so I was half awake when I met everyone. This very nice blonde lady came up to me and said 'Hi' and I was just like 'Hey what's up... ,' then I did a double take and was like OMG that's Julianne Moore. Because I was half asleep, all my reactions were delayed. Thankfully she is the sweetest person so I think I'm okay.

What was the worst day on set of Zapped?

The last day was the worst because it was the last day... pretty sure I cried.

Anything else you'd like to say?

Keep a look out for my top-secret very exciting project coming soon!