A Chat With Decades Denim's Cameron Silver and Angelique Soave


Decades owner and fashion icon Cameron Silver and former financial analyst, executive and fashion enthusiast Angelique Soave have teamed up to create Decades Denim, a new line inspired by the past. The Holiday collection, featuring 11 styles with names like "Marilyn," "Marlene" and "Jen" is stocked everywhere from Opening Ceremony to Planet Blue. I recently caught up with the duo, who met at Silver's famed boutique and became fast friends, sharing a love of timeless fashion.

VN: Why denim and why now?
CS: Up to this point, my fashion ventures have been strictly high-end through the vintage couture boutique Decades or consulting with luxury brands as a creative consultant. With Decades Denim I am creating a line that was accessible to all women, but from a sophisticated point of view.

AS: As a woman, I knew where the void was in the denim market and how to fill it. Cameron brings years of fashion experience and was the perfect partner for this venture.


VN: Many people are surprised by how affordable the collection is. Was that a goal of yours?
CS: Absolutely. This line was created to fit the needs of every fashionista, regardless of age or position. We wanted to create a line that provided value without sacrificing quality.

VN: How did you decide what to include in the collection? What was missing in the marketplace?
CS: The styles were designed to be both timeless on-trend, with the ability to transition an outfit easily from day to night.

AS: I was always searching for that perfect pair of jeans that was clean and sophisticated and didn't distract from the rest of my look.


VN: Do you plan to expand Decades Denim in the future? Do you one day plan to design other collections?
CS: For Spring, we expanded the collection beyond jeans and introduced jackets, vests, tops and dresses. We are fine tuning the fall collection right now and I am loving all the new styles that are effortless and super chic!

VN: How are you enjoying your first foray into denim?
AS: It's been so much fun working with Cameron. We are almost finished with fall which will be our fourth season. I feel like we have definitely refined our vision and can't wait to see it!

Photos courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency