A Chat With DJ Wooooo: The World's #1 Virtual DJ from Turntable.fm

DJ Woooo is a he. He is located in the Northeast, and splits his time between NYC and a rural town in New England. He works for startups in NYC developing mobile apps. He is the godfather of Turntable.fm aka the world's #1 virtual DJ. He has over 1000 fans. He’s not into twitter, or soundcloud, although @NoPattern (the designer of Kaskade’s Dynasty album) supplied him with a killer avatar. He is not a music snob - he hopes to host Steve Aoki in his infamous turntable room and he loves a good Kid Cudi track. He was supposed to spend today on a boat, but opted to answer my questions instead. He is a gentlemen, both in and out of the booth and maybe I have a chat-room crush. And his name is Ethan. And he might be sitting next to me..... here's my day with the Woooo (special thanks to all of those avatars who partook in the interview)

Jetset Farryn: We have 3 rules here: no Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift or Michael Bolton… and you must dance. Oh and trance is always accepted, happily. 

DJ Wooooo: You guys don't allow Michael Bolton dance remixes? No Miley trance?

Jetset Farryn: DJ Wooooo? Hey yo! Are you shadily hiding in a different outfit in the crowd? We should get you up here. 

DJ Wooooo: There's nothing inconspicuous about this outfit :)

Jetset Farryn: Ha! I’ve never seen you from behind ;)

Hi I'm W/ Ross: I just want to know how many hours its taken u to rack up 13,502 points… and are you Tiesto?

Magnitude Pop! Pop!: So Woooo is it 10,000 points for super user?

DJ Wooooo: Actually Superuser status isn't tied to points. I got an email from the Turntable guys one day just asking me to help out. Good resume builder…

Jetset Farryn: It’s tied to being badass. 

Jetset Farryn started playing "Flash (Nicky Romero Remix)" by Green Velvet

Jetset Farryn: Wooooo…should we do the interview right here?

DJ Wooooo: haha we could if you wanted to…

Jetset Farryn: Let’s do it.

Jetset Farryn: So you’ve been to Ibiza – for business or pleasure?

DJ Wooooo: Pleasure... I actually spent 3 weeks in Europe with friends last summer. We started in Amsterdam and ended in Madrid.

Jetset Farryn: What was your favorite stop and why? Lay em’ on me…

DJ Wooooo: Tough one. I have a few for different reasons so we'll start with #1. Wengen, Switzerland - just for sheer beauty and I’d like to include Interlaken in there because it's a crazy little place.

Jetset Farryn: Did you skydive?

Brian T. Zegans: this is making my life seem boring and depressing...

DJ Wooooo: I went paragliding and my brother when bungee jumping

Jetset Farryn: I’m dying to parahawk! Why didn’t you bungee?

DJ Wooooo: Parahawks looks awesome. And well, 500 foot drop over a lake off a gondola - not my style. I'm a wuss.

Jetset Farryn: haha you don't seem like such a wuss when it comes to the DJ booth…

Brian T. Zegans: #seriousflirtinggoingon 

Hi I'm W/ Ross: Woo please dance

DJ Wooooo:  dancing

Hi I'm W/ Ross: I can now die an accomplished man

On being the #1 biggest, secret, virtual DJ:

DJ Wooooo: It's easy to be badass while being the biggest internet DJ on the planet

Jetset Farryn: How does it feel to say that?

DJ Wooooo: Ridiculous

Jetset Farryn: Are you patting yourself on the back…. and did you quit your day job?

DJ Wooooo: Honestly, it's a lot of fun/work. I'm just having fun with it, some people think I'm serious, and they usually need to lighten up… and I have a very flexible job...I run my own company

Jetset Farryn: That makes sense... are your employees jealous of your DJ prowess, or are they fans?

DJ Wooooo: Nobody knows...it's a big secret. It's not a small operation (about 80 employees) and I don't want to get that rumor mill started.

Jetset Farryn: You like the anonymity of it all. Why? You could take your talents to the real booth if you wanted...

DJ Wooooo: It makes it more fun. Do you know what it sounds like to tell somebody that you're "the most popular cartoon DJ on the planet"? It isn't socially accepted (yet).

Jetset Farryn: Unless you are a social media freak like me (and most people in here) - in that case you're a legend. What’s the best offer you’ve gotten? I was on stage with Armin in Ibiza at Amensia, but I’m sure you can beat that…

DJ Wooooo: As far as real world DJ goes…I've been invited to DJ some pretty ridiculous Tech parties (you've all heard of the companies). I can't say what the best offers I've gotten have been...I can just say that I've been invited to DJ parties of tech companies valuated at billions of dollars!

Brian T. Zegans: I’m sure it can’t be bigger than the pregame I’m having at 1130, you interested in spinning?

Vteq started playing "Lick The Rainbow (Original Mix) " by Mord Fustang

On valuation, marketing and other techy things: 

Jetset Farryn: What do you think of Turntables valuation? Silly or on point?

DJ Wooooo: I actually think they are a little conservative...but for good reason. Pandora has hard a difficult time turning a profit. The nice thing about turntable.fm is that you have eyes on the screen, you have gamification…

Jetset Farryn: Yes - but at some point they’ll need to monetize…

DJ Wooooo: They won't have a problem monetizing...the question will be how much are they paying out to play the music.

Jetset Farryn: Do you think social music sites are the next big things? Spotify for example is missing that aspect. I couldn’t sit on it for more than 10 min yesterday… 

Dom (@dnathe4th): that’s not Spotify's goal or business model though

Jetset Farryn: True- but Turntable changed my view on how I want to share/play music.

DJ Wooooo: They'll make a little bit of money for selling the music from here, 5% from iTunes, and 10% from amazon but the real money starts coming from selling virtual goods and getting larger corporate sponsors of rooms or record labels directly...this is a huge venue for up and comers

Jetset Farryn: Like Diplo. He made quite the turntable wave huh?

DJ Wooooo: He did...some good, some bad

Jetset Farryn: Why bad?

DJ Wooooo: Well, I don't think all of his music got positive feedback... but that's what's great about it. This is an audience that you can preview tracks to and get instant feedback, and even create a pre-release buzz. If somebody plays something great, we throw it on our queue so we can play it later...it's viral

Jetset Farryn: But how do you know the quality of the audience? Its not like playing it to a room of experts per say… 

Dom (@dnathe4th): but you don’t necessarily want a crowd of experts, you want a crowd of people who might want to buy your music

Jetset Farryn started playing "Flashback Reaver (Euan Cross Vocal Edit)" by Marco V (feat. Calvin Harris)

On Diplo, the music and his go-to's: 

DJ Wooooo: Ever read Seth Godin's "Purple Cow"?

Jetset Farryn: Nope, what is it?

DJ Wooooo: It’s a great book on marketing. He talks about "Sneezers". Those are the people that are likely to spread the word of a great company or product and in here you have music lovers...active music lovers. There's a good chance if they like your stuff, they'll be sneezers about it. They don't have to be music critics to be sneezers...they don't necessarily even need to be in your target audience

Jetset Farryn: In your expert virtual DJ opinion, what did you think of Diplo’s tunes? Will you play it in your room?

DJ Wooooo: Honestly, I don't have much of an opinion... I spend a lot of time in my room where Diplo isn't one of the "go-to" artists

Jetset Farryn: Who are the go-to artists?

DJ Wooooo: Avicii, Madeon, Alesso, Miike Snow, Deadmau5, you know, the usual suspects and some great up and comer - Paper Diamond, 3lau, Lazerdisk Party Sex.

Jetset Farryn: I just saw Paper Diamond at Snowball Music Festival - they were awesome.


On the rules of the Turntable road (and booth bullies)

Jetset Farryn: You have some strict rules - people stealing right from Hypem and playing the hits from other rooms. How do you know the true DJ’s from the fakers?

Magnitude Pop! Pop: Dang woo.. You’re like a superhero

DJ Wooooo: I don't mind that people take one from Hypem, but listen to it first...validate that it's going to fly. Just because it has a bunch of votes doesn't mean it's going to always fit the vibe.

Jetset Farryn: The vibe of the room is important. What do you think about all these sites, monitoring tracks, planning lines? I got yelled at in the mashup room yesterday, it wasn’t very nice!

DJ Wooooo: I'm relatively passive when it comes to that. We don't have a queue and I won't yell at anyone.

Jetset Farryn: That’s very kind of you!

DJ Wooooo: My promise to you: you'll never get yelled at by me. 

Jetset Farryn: Such a gentleman… or lady? We don’t know…

DJ Wooooo: Gentleman

Jetset Farryn: and the mystery unfolds….

DJ Wooooo: oh and of course, my name is Ethan

Jetset Farryn: Hi Ethan

Jetset Farryn: I'm Farryn

Brian T. Zegans: #whensthewedding

On travel and tunes: 

Jetset Farryn: Ok, so if we were to say, rendezvous in Ibiza, give me the first three songs on the playlist. Help the jetsetters around the world....

DJ Wooooo: It changes daily, but for me right now…. Pumped up Kicks (Highweights Remix)

DJ Wooooo: Still a big fan of Edward Maya - Stereo Love (Molella Remix)

Jetset Farryn: It’s a good one, very Blue Marlin of you.

DJ Wooooo: I'm a big Kid Cudi fan, so Pursuit of Happiness (Aoki Remix)

Jetset Farryn: He's a great performer… sort of like you in Turntable my friend.

DJ Wooooo: aw thanks. Shucks

Basspocalypse: well woo, whenever you get the chance, please stop by the dubstep room for a bit of cleanup! Thanks man!

Jetset Farryn: Ok, Miami?

DJ Wooooo: Love Miami. I was at LIV a few months ago…

Jetset Farryn: I'm a born and bred Floridian. What did you think? 

DJ Wooooo: If you've been to Ibiza, LIV is nothing

Jetset Farryn: What’s your spot in Ibiza? The great debate: Pacha, Amnesia or Space

DJ Wooooo: I loved Pacha – Ibiza. It's more relaxed on the roof…

Jetset Farryn: I’m an amnesia girl through and through

dJSchotty: This one goes out to my boy #DjWooooo

dJSchotty started playing "Stereo Love (Molella Remix)" by Edward Maya

DJ Wooooo: Hey! Nice pick

Jetset Farryn: So for Ibiza we have three song picks. What about Miami?

DJ Wooooo: When I think of Miami, I have to think of LMFAO….

Jetset Farryn: You know for a guy with a room full of dubstep, you seem to have pretty mild taste…

DJ Wooooo: Well, I was there when "I'm in Miami, bitch" blew up and it's more about what i remember from certain events I guess. I like mainstream stuff; I balance things out in my room

Jetset Farryn: There’s always that song that takes you back somewhere. For me, travel and music are so intertwined. I think that’s why I love, and of course blog, about both.

DJ Wooooo: Agreed...that's why Stereo Love was big for me in Milan

Jetset Farryn: Ok what about Amsterdam - song?

DJ Wooooo: Memories - Kid Cudi

Mista-K: Barcelona?

Jetset Farryn: Barcelona is a good one....

DJ Wooooo: All of the Lights - Kanye (Pretty Lights remix)

Woooo turns the table on me....

Jetset Farryn: Wooooo you rock, thank you! Travel tips whenever you need.

DJ Wooooo: So I have questions for you, if you have time.

Jetset Farryn: Oh I’m game!

DJ Wooooo: What's your favorite place in the world to visit

Jetset Farryn: 1. India, but its somewhere I like to go by myself and really experience it my own way; 2. Ibiza - I can't lie, right now in my life, it’s where I'd like to be most days of the year. But the full moon party in Thailand isn’t too shabby either.

DJ Wooooo: So I like the idea of India

Jay Dawg: opposite ends of the spectrum there

DJ Wooooo: yeah absolutely

Jetset Farryn: It's an incredible place.... you either love it or hate it

DJ Wooooo: So do you consider yourself more of an India girl, or Ibiza girl?

Jetset Farryn: Wow. That is a very difficult question. Can I say somewhere in the middle? Thailand for example has a bit of both…

DJ Wooooo: Yeah that makes sense

DangerMau5: Wooooo I just thought it was funny that you only have 100 twitter followers and 2k turntable fans

Jetset Farryn: and I have 4,000 twitter fans and 39 turntable followers but to each his own

DJ Wooooo: I was hoping to get more travel tips from Farryn, while I hung out

Jetset Farryn: Ask away!

DJ Wooooo: Okay, so haven't made it out of the office yet for the boat unfortunately. So big question is about Asia...I'm looking to take 3 weeks next year

Jetset Farryn: That’s a good amount of time

DJ Wooooo: 1) Is anything every going to compare to my Europe trip?

DJ Wooooo: 2) Am I going to end up in Locked Up Abroad because of it?

Jetset Farryn: 1) Yes! And 2) No, but I worked as an assistant on the show!

DJ Wooooo: No kidding! I'm addicted to that show

Jetset Farryn: Me too

Jetset Farryn: Well first of all - Asia is just a different beast than Europe - its like comparing apples and oranges. But both are delicious! Any idea where you want to go?

DJ Wooooo: I only know I want to be in Hong Kong

Jetset Farryn: Hong Kong is amazing, and with three weeks, as a first timer I would do Thailand to Hong Kong to Japan.

PedroMas: Laos

Jetset Farryn: Unless you are like me and need India. Laos is a great suggestion but with 3 weeks, I would save Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam for another time. Thailand - try and schedule full moon party and show those DJ's how its done. Then go to Hong Kong - amazing city – then backpack through Japan with the rail pass.

DJ Wooooo: Oh I love rail passes

Jetset Farryn: It’s the best in japan

DJ Wooooo: Taking notes here…. So i'll stay away from human trafficking, and I should be okay

Jetset Farryn: yes, and say no to drugs

DJ Wooooo: Right. Not a problem.