Charles Barber on the Complexities of Stopping Deforestation

Charles Barber on the Complexities of Stopping Deforestation
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Washington, DC: As the need to feed a burgeoning population is pitched against our ability to preserve rainforests, the need for people like Charles (Chip) Barber has never been greater.

Since graduating in 1989 from UC Berkeley, Chip has spent the last twenty five years working to defend our forests. Having served as 'Chief of Forests' at the U.S. State Department, Chip is no stranger to deftly navigating and balancing the numerous economic, legal and often unseen drivers of illegal logging and deforestation. All realities of a modern-day Earth.

In this interview, Chip shares his thoughts on where we are today and where we are headed, how the UN Crime Commission has passed ground breaking legislation to further criminalize the trade in illegally logged trees and the important work of the Forest Legality Alliance.

In the final analysis, if we are to succeed in saving rainforests, we must fully recognize the myriad complexities that drive deforestation. From governments and NGOs to private industry and consumers alike, it's clear, that a unified effort is required to stop the irreversible damage being caused by deforestation.

Thank you Chip! :-)

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